Mosquito documentary from a must-see aviation channel

The Mosquito’s enduring appeal and the story of its incredible genesis, characterised by the design brilliance and tenacity of De Havilland in 1939-1940, have given rise to several films and documentaries over the decades, but it’s always delightful to see the story told of the genius of British aeronautical design that conceived this most iconic of warbirds.

Mosquito fans around the world will, from this evening, be able to enjoy a documentary exploring the development and versatility of the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito. Produced by Military Aviation TV (MATV),  in association with The People’s Mosquito, the 50-minute film includes rare and poignant cockpit footage taken from RR299, the last airworthy Mosquito to grace UK skies. The firm serves as a fitting reminder as to why it’s important we return a Mossie to the skies above Britain, the same skies to which the wooden wonder was born on 25 November 1940.

If you’ve not comes across MATV before, that’s hardly surprising as it’s only just launched. But this fresh, new YouTube channel promises to serve avgeeks all over the world with a mix of classic material, as well as ‘in-house’ productions. Set-up and formed by a small group of like-minded professionals, MATV aims to bring the very best coverage of the world’s military aviation.

The team consists of a mix of former military photographers and media officers, established freelance photographers and videographers as well as aviation dedicated journalists. The new channel can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Patreon.

Anyone watching the film will understand why The People’s Mosquito exists and why all our supporters, members and volunteers are so passionate about seeing the Wooden Wonder brought to life once again, here in the UK, where the Mosquito has been absent for too long. With your help, we are working towards to doing just that.

The Mosquito epitomised what can be achieved through fresh thinking, collective will and effort and sheer tenacity, making her perhaps the most quintessentially British aircraft to emerge from WW2. It’s one of many reasons why rebuilding The People’s Mosquito, RL249, right here in the UK makes so much sense. This will be an aircraft funded largely by the public, owned and operated by a charitable trust to honour those who envisaged, designed, built and operated the Mossie throughout its operational life.

You can support this historic cause by donating at any time, or by joining The People’s Mosquito Club. Together, we’re starting to achieve remarkable things.

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