The first Mosquito to be produced in the UK in more than 70 years!

We are now moving forward to the next stage, the fuselage production of the iconic ‘Mossie’.

The collection of more than 22,300 original de Havilland technical drawings are being used to produce computer-aided design drawings and profiles to assist in the upcoming work and the materials are ready to go – all that is needed now is the money to make the next part a reality.

Our target for this tranche of work is £600,000.

To help us to complete this historic undertaking, we’re offering you the chance to add your name to the Mosquito story, we call it … Operation Crossbow 2021.

You can donate to The People’s Mosquito in several ways. All contributions help towards getting a Mosquito back into British skies.


Make a one-off donation or a regular monthly donation and, if you are a UK taxpayer, we can automatically claim back the Gift Aid from HMRC. That gives us an extra £2.50 on every £10 donated!


If you have a PayPal account you can donate directly to us.

Please note that PayPal charges us a commission on your donation and don’t collect Gift Aid details for us. You can supply your Gift Aid details by completing this formIf you previously donated by PayPal or have a repeating payment setup don’t worry we are still happy to receive payments this way.

Gift Aid

If you have made a donation please consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration so that we can claim back the tax on your donation. It doesn’t cost you anything.


Online Store

You can donate by making a purchase of People’s Mosquito goodies through our online store. Our profits from your purchases go directly into the fundraising campaign.

TPM Online Shop


With EasyFundraising you donate whilst you shop.

It’s very easy to setup and use and allows you to contribute to our funds without costing you a penny. The online retailers pay a commission to The People’s Mosquito for each sale.

Help on setting up your account can be found here.


Direct to our Bank Account

You can pay directly into our bank account, either as a one-off payment or by setting up a standing order. Our bank account details are:

Account Name: The People’s Mosquito Ltd.

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Account No.: 65622313

The Co-operative Bank PLC, 1 Balloon St., Manchester, M60 4EP

IBAN number: GB24 CPBK 0892 9965 6223 13


We receive 100% of your donation this way but we can claim back even more if you complete this Gift Aid Declaration.


Leaving a Legacy

Don’t forget that you can leave a lasting legacy of your support by leaving a gift for The People’s Mosquito Ltd. in your will. It would be great if you could tell us about it so that we can ensure your wishes are met, especially if you have a specific idea for the way in which the gift is to be used.

You can find out more details about leaving a gift in a will here

37 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Can I make an Operation Jericho direct into your bank account? If so, how do I send my details to go with it?

    1. Hi Phil

      You can indeed. Go to our donation page and scroll down to ‘Direct to our Bank Account’ for the details. If you are able, you can also complete a Gift Aid form so that we can claim an additional 25% back from HMRC. Then ping your details in an email to so that we can record your donation.

      Alternatively, you can use our Virgin Money Giving page to make a donation which automatically completes the Gift Aid form and notifies us of your donation.



  2. A long story, but to be brief, is what I believe to be a Mosquito rudder trim wheel and fitting of any use?

    1. Hi Bob,

      We would indeed be most interested in any items you might have. Would you be so kind as to contact the team via and someone from our engineering team will get back to you.

      Kindest regards,
      The TPM Team

  3. Why are you still propagating the myth of “Operation Jericho”? The Amiens prison raid was operation Ramrod 564 and was designed to fool the Germans into believing that they had had a prisoner with knowledge of the forthcoming expected invasion. In 1947 the French Government financed a film titled Operation Jericho to mythologise the role played by the Resistance and the R.A.F. It is an ongoing disgrace that this dramatic raid is demeaned by labelling it something that it was not known as. It is bad enough that ignorant loudmouths are today trying to re-write our history in so many areas without this event being included by people who should really know better.

    1. Hi Remi,

      Many thanks for contacting the team. As you correctly point out, Operation Jericho as the mission was to become better known post-war, was indeed originally tasked as Ramrod 564. Indeed the official call sign of aircraft on the raid was ‘Renovate’. We have reported in some depth on this topic, most recently in our free Club Members’ journal, Mossie Bites, which if you were to join The People’s Mosquito, you would receive for free. In doing so, we have worked closely with respected author Dr Robert Lyman, whose excellent book ‘The Jailbusters: The Secret story of MI6, the French Resistance & Operation Jericho’ is widely regarding as the seminal work on the operation.

      The fact is, that post-war the legend of the raid is closely associated with its Operation Jericho epithet. A epithet which has played no small part in the raid becoming synonymous with the low level precision raids carried out by Mossie crews in WW2 and therefore elevating the achievements of those crews to a level of public awareness only rivalled by the crews of Operation Chastise – aka The Dambusters (by which the raid is better known of course). The memory of those crews who took part in Ramrod 564/Jericho is in no way demeaned by referring to the mission in this manner. Quite the opposite in fact.

      The TPM Team

  4. I have jut discovered you through the graces of author Andrew Bird. My Dad flew Mosquitos with 333 squadron, and loved them till the end of his life. We have paintings and models of Mosquitos because of this. I have made a donation in his memory, Flt Sgt Frank Hawthorne.

  5. I have just donated a small amount, in the name of my Brother David E Rogers of Coventry who was a very big fan of the Wooden Wonder. He has just this last week at the age of 80 passed away having suffered Pancreatic Cancer. So it’s in his name!!

    1. Hi Arthur,

      So sorry to hear of your loss. Are thoughts are with you all at what must be a very difficult time. We hope that David would be proud of our endeavours to return the Wooden Wonder to the skies above Europe and thank you for the generous donation in his name. A very special and personal contribution towards RL249’s return to flight – thank you.

      The TPM Team

    2. Just set up a monthly payment (incl Gift Aid) in addition to having become a Member of the Group. Done in memory of my Mum who has sadly passed on, who was a Leading Aircraft Woman in the RAF in WW2 having been trained at Fairey Aviation before the war. She could disassemble & reassemble a Merlin engine and test them, . Had to test fly (circuits & bumps) in aircraft where she had worked on the engines, but never got to test fly a Hurricane or Spitfire, even though their pilots offered to take her up sat in their lap!

  6. I spent 4 years and nearly 400 hours driving various Mosquitos for the Fleet Air Arm. I was a Lt[A] RN. I am sending a donation of 200 pounds UK. I currently live at 24C, Anembo Rd, Berowra, Sydney, NSW, Aust.

    1. Many thanks for the incredible support Basil! As a former Mossie pilot, you qualify for an honorary lifetime membership of the TPM Club as well – leave it with us and we’d be delighted to send you a membership pack.

      If you had any photos and memories from your days operating the Mossie with the FAA, we’d be delighted to hear more? You can email me direct at

      Kind regards,

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