Collaboration with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust

We are delighted to confirm that The People’s Mosquito and the Vulcan to the Sky Trust are in discussions to see how we can work together towards the return of the iconic Mosquito to flight in the UK, a vision of similar significance to that of restoring the Vulcan to flight.

We will be making further announcements outlining the details of the arrangement in due course.

45 thoughts on “Collaboration with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust”

  1. Hi all
    Very upset that the Vulcan is now indefinitely grounded but now hove something to look forward to seeing a classic iconic aircraft back in our skys. Do we know of where the rebuild will take place and how long its expected to take? I know its probably to early to asks these questions but am local to Doncaster airport and would love to take pictures of the rebuild taking place.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi Glyn, thanks for your comment. Not too early to ask – it is all planned out. You will find the plan on the page called The Plan (see Menu bar above), but to answer to your questions directly: New Zealand, and depending on how fast we can raise funds, 5-8 years. Many thanks for your interest.

  2. As a Vulcan Hangar Volunteer in Hangar 3 at the former RAF Finningley I am “over the Moon” with the news, that Bill Ramsey and yourselves, are in talks about the “Mossie” that you have that needs a “little” TLC…When I heard about the proposed Mosquito Project I immediately thought about the 2 Mosquito’s at London Colney, the de Haviland Museum, that I visited last year…I had asked asked a couple of guys working on them why they weren’t flying… they said “Lack of funds” ! I thought even at that time BEFORE we knew that October 2015 would be the last time 558 would fly, that there was a great chance to get a “Wooden Wonder” back into the English Skies… I can only hope that I will still be around to hear the sound of a couple of Merlin’s lifting from the Runway at Finningley… the REAL bonus is that the Mosquito is nowhere near as complicated as the Vulcan, nor governed by the Rules of Sponsors that the Vulcan was / is subject to…. I think there are still a few “spare” Merlin engines about… and we have quite a few trees for timber for repairs in the UK…! I’m looking forward to seeing your Newsletter, and being able to take the Public on Tours around a WORKING Mosquito. I even remember when Mosquito’s were based at Finningley around 1953 to I think 1955….PLEASE hurry and renovate the Airframe…. but leave a little for our Ground crew to do…!! Thanks for sharing with us. Regards Allan.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Thanks for your message Allan. Bill’s been on the team since 2012 – he’s been hugely helpful in the technical project research and development area of the project. We haven’t agreed on a home for the Mosquito yet – that decision is a long way off at the moment: we are busy for the time being raising funds to move the project forward. We will be launching our club membership soon, so keep an eye out if you are interested in supporting us in the long term. In the meantime we are looking for volunteers for our airshow stand for next season. If you are interested in helping out in that regard please fill in and submit the form you will find here: – many thanks.

  3. Great news the mosquito deserves to fly again. Thanks to VTTS for getting on board. Hope to see her st southport in the nr future. You got my support

  4. I was in the Air Force 69 to 75 armourer 16mu Stafford one of my jobs was refurbishing a mosquito cannon it was mounted under the cockpit

  5. Melanie Malkin

    My Husband’s Grandfather worked on building these in Stockport. To say my Husband is thrilled is an understatement! I look forward to hearing about a successful collaboration with The Vulcan Trust sometime soon.

  6. Graham Manchester

    Just heard about the project. The Mosquito is a favourite of mine” if it looks good it must be good ” comes to mind. Seen a few in museums would love to see one flying in the UK. Calendar purchased.

  7. The news about XH558 team possibly working with you is something I wouldn’t have thought of and if it happens ,would be truly wonderful. They have a wealth of experience raising funds you cant go wrong. The only concern I have is where the aircraft should be built, for historic purposes it should be in the UK.and not anywhere else. We have in the UK many people , pilots aircraft engineers and ground crew who would ” jump” at the chance to help bring back to life the “Wooden Wonder”
    Here is an idea—put foreword the restoration as an apprentice scheme for would -be carpenters to start with, obviously they would work with the restoration team and learn at the same time .just a thought

    I wish you the best of luck for the future

    Remembering our fallen past and present

    Lest we Forget


    1. People's Mosquito

      Thanks Howard. It’s a great idea, but for reasons which are made clear in our plan here the main build of the aircraft will take place in New Zealand. This is where the only existing jigs and moulds, and the experience of using them is based. There will be opportunities for individuals to get involved when the aircraft is built and comes to Britain. But more about that further down the line. Thanks for your support.

  8. Paul R Griffiths

    I Have been in mourning since the last Mosquito crashed at Barton. When VTTS informed me of the TPM project I was pleased as punch.
    I have a 6′ RC model 1/8th scale Mosquito as compensation!.
    I now hope that talks between the two parties come to fruition and I can start to help through donations as and when I can.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Thanks very much Paul. Watch this space – we will be making further details public soon.

  9. The Mosquito was my childhood favourite aircraft building a treasured airfix model. Would be magnificent to see one flying. Good luck with the project which I’ll certainly support.

  10. Margaret Brailsford

    During the latter stages of WW2, I saw a newsreel of the Mosquito hedge-hopping in Holland. It flew so low, a farmer could be seen to duck down out of the way. It was breathtaking and I have never forgotten it. That is one of the reasons I have held the brilliant aircraft in such high esteem, both that and the design together with the versatility – magic!

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi Margaret, thanks for your comment. Yes it’s quite an impressive aircraft. It will great to see it flying again in the UK.

  11. I’ve never really been into non Jet aircraft before but this project has got me really excited. Having been a paid up member of the VTTS for many years I look forward to joining the Mosquito club.

  12. Gary Mottershead

    All`s one can say is you managed to get one iconic aircraft to flight in the beautiful Vulcan, to get another in the Mosquito would be a dream, please do it , you have my support.

  13. I supported Vulcan to the sky,
    and am currently a member,
    But I (and others) are deeply unimpressed with the wage bill of VTTS,
    I will not be renewing my VTTS membership for this reason among others.

    If the money is going to the Mosquito, then I will contribute, but not to pay “Directors”
    “Managers” and others who’s role could be filled by one or more volunteers.

    Good luck.

    1. System Administrator

      TPM is a charity and will always remain so. As directors we are all volunteers and our governing documents do not allow us to benefit from the charity.

    2. Without the professionalism and business skills of the Vulcan Team it would never have got the funding structure together or had the drive and tenacity to get such a successful operation together and keep the whole organisation healthy and vibrant.
      Now we have a situation whereby the skills and sheer force of the VTT people are setting a platform to foster all sorts of brilliant projects.
      Let’s not worry who is being paid what, let’s be greatfull for being able to be part of a vibrant and successful operation that has, I believe, got it’s heart in the right place. People with skills need to make a living and if anyone is going for it 100% , as the Vulcan Team are, they deserve to be properly rewarded.
      Rob Rymer, Robin Hoods Bay, N. Yorkshire, YO22 4RA

      1. “Their time” is of course the correct spelling! The amount of free time all the staff and volunteers committed to XH558 is priceless. Family life sacrificed to make sure our Vulcan flew and flew for as long as she did.

        1. It succeeded due to the professionalism of those who decided to make it their career to achieve this as well as those who did it for the love. Don’t be small minded, these require immense commercial and technical skills to succeed.

  14. Derek Bagshaw

    I saw your stand at Coventry Airport during the VTTSC club day. I have supported the Vulcan for years as a member of VTTSC are you going to create a similar club with a regular newsletter. There are probably quite a few of us looking for a new project

  15. Roger Quinton

    That’s a terrific idea. My father flew in Mosquito’s during the war and I’ve always wanted to see one in the air…..

  16. Now you have this collaboration will you be developing a supporters club like the Vulcan have? as people like to feel part of the team even if that just means giving money. If you already have one where do I sign up?

  17. Fantastic! No doubt there are 100s of genuine people who agree that britain should hold their head proud in this and restore the public confidence in their roots that despite whats going on in the world we can retain our true identity .We ow this to those who laid down their lives for this country…..

  18. Fantastic! It would be great to see the mosquito and the vulcan flying at the same airshow. I’m already getting wwithdrawal symptoms from the howl!

    1. System Administrator

      Nice Tom, but I’m afraid we are unlikely to see a Vulcan in the air again. You can catch the Howl on ground runs though.

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