Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar Ltd

Following last night’s announcement from Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar Ltd., regarding the restoration to flight of a Mosquito, we would like to make clear that this news bears no relation to The People’s Mosquito. The two projects are entirely separate.

We understand the project will be privately funded. The People’s Mosquito remains a not for profit charity project, relying upon public support and funds.

We remain committed to our core vision: to build and fly a UK-based Mosquito for the benefit of the general public, to inform and educate the public and future generations on the Mosquito and its place in history. We will achieve this aim by restoring and returning Mosquito RL249 to the sky, in conjunction with building a valuable web-based Mosquito resource.

Furthermore we remain committed to our motto: ‘To fly; To educate; To remember’. Through flying displays around the country and an ‘open hangar’ policy, with an emphasis on education, we hope to communicate to future generations the importance to the war effort of the Mosquito during World War Two, and the unique design and engineering techniques that went into its production. At the same time we will be honouring and remembering those who designed, built, flew and maintained the type in all its roles and locations.

We look forward to learning more about the BHHH project in time. Meanwhile we wishTPM Mission patch them all the best with their venture and would be delighted to work together in the future, should the circumstances arise.

Thank you and we hope we can rely on your continued support.

25 thoughts on “Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar Ltd”

  1. Paul Barguss

    Hi guys and girls.
    Looking at the messages here, they go back a few years. Can you give us an update on the progress of the people’s Mosquito.
    I’d love to donate, but now the pennies are very tight, but if I won the lottery, that bird would be flying a lot sooner, and I honestly mean that.
    I’ve moved to Great Yarmouth now, but I miss Biggin Hill so much, not to mention my second home at one time, Brands Hatch. All the very best to your work to get our aviation history back in the air.

  2. My mother in law was a quality control inspector at Dehavilands and worked specifically on the Mosquito. She is now 98 years old sprightly and very interested in the people’s mosquito project. Is it possible for her to be involved in some way. Kind regards. Ian Duckett.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hello Ian wow your Mother-in-Law is an expert on the production quality! It would be great if we could interview her to share her experiences, and if she has some pics to share too. We can use this to help raise funds, as our project is ‘To Remember..’ we want to tell the history of all the people involved in the Mosquito. From production to ground crew to the air crew. People love real history and using any material or memories in fundraising helps us to achieve our goal.

      If this is acceptable please email us at

      1. Michael Christie

        That certainly is the way to look at it, but hope that as being on the list for volunteer work that TPM will not end up being based up in Doncaster as I live in Sussex and would like to be a hand’s volunteer with the aircraft in the future. Don’t think of asking the BHHH to help them as they are a working business, and don’t have a volunteer scheme. So the people of Britain let’s get behind The People’s Mosqtito, it will be our aircraft!

  3. Dare I say that I am even more excited by two mossies than I was about VTS. There is, indeed, a God in heaven. May I live to see the day !

    1. System Administrator

      Thanks David. Would be nice to see a Harrier but the biggest obstacle to that would be the CAA. It’s a complex aircraft and they would need to be convinced that it’s safe.

  4. Michael Christie

    Hi, I was not aware until having seen the news today about the possible assistance of the VTTS with TPM project that the BHHH had now announced a Mossie project! This for the UK is fantastic news but without the TPM I doubt all of this would be happening, I’m supporting yourselves!

  5. There’s a lot of sky over England enough for two ? Or three , MOSQUITOS. But only a limited amount of cash I will continue to support you M/P it’s only due to you hard work along with your group that has brought this plane back to the front of people’s minds
    For everyone that knows how hard your group has worked. ( I thank you ) .

    1. People's Mosquito

      And thank you for your continued and unwaivering support, as ever James. It’s great to know there are supporters like you out there. Yes, two mossies would be pretty special wouldn’t it?

      1. Can we count on seeing you next year on the air show circuit again , I hope so . And under better times than the sad day at shorham !

    1. People's Mosquito

      Thanks for pointing that out. There are a lot of things we’d like to sell on the shop and we’re working towards a new solution at the moment. We are a bit tied into the products that Spreadshirt offers currently and are looking at other ways we can resolve this.

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