Supporters hit the 1000 mark

Well guys, today’s good news is that we’re well over the one thousand mark now, as far as official Twitter and Facebook numbers go. Clearly there will be some cross-over in followers on those two platforms, but we know there are also a good few supporters who are neither active on Facebook nor Twitter, so in that respect we can be fairly happy that we have definitely moved beyond the big one-oh-oh-oh. Google+ numbers are negligible at the moment with only 17 followers, most of whom are followers on either Twitter or Facebook.

So what do these numbers actually mean? Well, firstly, they give us at TPMHQ a very good reason to keep going – that there is sufficient interest in making the project a reality. Secondly and similarly, when the time comes for us to approach organisations with a view to sponsorship contracts we can use these numbers to show that there is genuine support for the project.

We need to keep growing the numbers though, and we fully expect to do so over the next few months and beyond. As we become more organised and the official charity is launched, our public visibility will inevitably increase – and we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline to help this happen – and so hopefully, in parallel, will the number of supporters.

But we ask you again to keep talking about the project – telling your friends and family and generally spreading the word and telling your friends to tell their friends. Remember: this is your Mosquito and together we’ll get her flying again.


2 thoughts on “Supporters hit the 1000 mark”

    1. Hi Simon,

      The simple answer at the moment is no. However there are a few options available and these are currently being investigated, so I can’t really say any more at the moment. Thanks for your interest though, and please keep watching.

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