Donations are go!

News may have reached you over the ether over the past few hours, but if it hasn’t, then we are happy to announce that The People’s Mosquito project is now taking donations to make our vision a reality. Woo hoo – this is an exciting moment for us – soon we will be able to start turning all the fantastic support you’ve shown so far into something tangible. You can make a donation – however small or large – on our Donate page, here.

Thanks for all your support up to now.

2 thoughts on “Donations are go!

  1. 30/03/2012 – hi guys , tried to use “donation” button but unsuccessful – any ideas ?

    1. Hi Bernie, I’m afraid we’ve had this intermittent problem with the link. All I can suggest is you either try again later or wait until we’ve set up an online “Giving” account – which we are in the process of doing. In the mean time thanks very much for your interest and your patience. We’ll be announcing the “Giving” account as soon as it’s up and running.

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