George E. Stewart DFC joins The People's Mosquito

The People’s Mosquito is delighted to announce that former Mosquito pilot George Stewart has accepted an invitation to be come a TPM Affiliate. George, a Canadian, flew 50 Ops on Mosquito with No 23 Squadron between July-November 1944 – all by the time he was 21.

George Stewart on Mossie nose
George Stewart in 1944, aged 19. (Photo courtesy of George E. Stewart)

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for this work, which was mostly day/night intruder operations. This is an extract from his citation:

“Flying Officer Stewart’s eagerness to operate against the enemy, his unflagging zeal and determination combined with his devotion to duty have won the admiration of all.”

After the war George spent time in China training Chinese Nationalist Air Force pilots on the aircraft in an effort to reduce their frightening loss of pilots to accidents. Both his unsurpassable knowledge of flying the Mosquito and his unquenchable enthusiasm for it will be of the utmost value to The People’s Mosquito as we move forward. Already over the last eighteen months he has given invaluable advice to both the Kiwi and US pilots who have flown KA114, which they have all used to good effect.

Not only is George a great pilot, he is also a poet. His poem “Remember”, we think, sums up why we are all doing this.

Remember by George Stewart
@1999 George E. Stewart

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