Fundraiser / Sponsorship expert required

The People’s Mosquito will shortly be launching its first major fundraising campaign and at the same time will begin seeking corporate sponsorship. The target figure over the next five years is £5m, with £500,000 being the initial target over the next six months, so this is no small undertaking.

To facilitate this TPM is looking for someone with relevant experience to take the lead in the organisation and management of these fundraising and sponsor-seeking campaigns.

The role breaks down into two specific areas:

In the first instance you will be experienced in dealing with all aspects of fundraising from managing public donations through both an online web-based system and cash donations; creating and marketing a range of branded goods – which will involve setting up and managing an e-commerce system (we have IT people on board to help facilitate this); organising TPM’s participation and leveraging its presence at live events, such as airshows; and finally, coming up with your own fundraising ideas such as promoting and encouraging nationwide self-started fundraising activities among our supporters.

The second part of the role will involve approaching potential sponsors – these would include organisations of all sizes, from small local companies to global corporates – to secure ongoing sponsorship arrangements for the People’s Mosquito project.

You will be aided and supported by the TPM team members, who are willing to give you all the help you will need in driving a successful fundraising and sponsorship campaign.

Like the rest of the TPM team roles, this would be a voluntary undertaking and not a full-time paid position and we would only expect you to give as much time as you are able or feel you can give. However, we are looking for a level of commitment and an understanding that the fundraising and sponsorship process is integral to the future of The People’s Mosquito project.

We appreciate that there are several skillsets required of this job, and would be happy to split the role between two or more individuals – with one person having overall organisational control of the whole fundraising function. So if you have a skill that you think would fit one of the above roles, please get in touch by email at “recruiting AT peoplesmosquito DOT org DOT uk” to tell us about yourself and discuss how you may be able to help.

Thank you.

The People’s Mosquito Team

4 thoughts on “Fundraiser / Sponsorship expert required

  1. Hey, I would love to help. I work for an events and exhibition marketing company in Windsor. Unfortunately it means it’s not something we as a company could really do for free. I am a huge aviation and aviation heritage enthusiast and would absolutely love to get involved, but fear with my 9-6 job I may not have the time to devote to this cause.

    Regards, Ben

    1. Hi Ben. You would be more than welcome to contibute whatever time you think you can spare. We are all fitting TPM in around our work and home life so you wouldn’t be alone in this respect. If you think you would like to help out please drop us a line with some detail of your experience and thoughts to ‘recruiting AT peoplesmosquito DOT org DOT uk’

  2. I would love to help in some way. I live very close to waddington conningsby and east kirkby witch would give me plenty of opportunities to raise funds and awareness. We have plenty of air shows and avents i could atend e.g waddington air show,east kirkby air show, lla day and theres loads more please let me know if i can help in any way. Thankyou dale

    1. Hi Dale, thanks for your comment – are you putting yourself up for the job? If so, please email us at the above address, where we will be collating responses. If not, then when we have someone in place to take on the fundraising role they will definitely be looking for help from all over – and, yes, you are in a great location. We’ll be in touch in due course. Thanks.

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