PRESS RELEASE – Vulcan XH558 and Former BBMF Pilot Joins The People’s Mosquito Team


Issued: 10th April 2012

Vulcan XH558 and Former BBMF Pilot Joins The People’s Mosquito Team

The People’s Mosquito is pleased to announce that former Battle of Britain Memorial Flight pilot Bill Ramsey has joined the project team.

Bill will officially be taking on a Technical Project Research and Development role, but as a former Royal Air Force and BBMF pilot his remit will no doubt broaden as the project progresses.

During his RAF career Bill has flown around 6500 hours in some 35 or so aircraft types – mainly Vulcan, Jet Provost, Tornado GR1 and Hawk but was also lucky enough to fly the Lancaster and Dakota with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in 1999.  Apart from the UK he served overseas in Germany and Saudi Arabia as well as visiting more countries than he can count in various appointments.

His last flying tour was as the senior supervisor to the Red Arrows, accompanying the Team on many memorable occasions – particularly tours to Canada, the Middle and Far East.  Currently a Full Time Reservist Qualified Flying Instructor on the Grob Tutor at Cranwell, Bill was the RAF Solo Aerobatic Pilot for the Tutor in 2009-10.  Since the start of the 2011 season he has returned to Vulcan flying with the crew of XH558.

Bill’s outstanding experience and operational knowledge will be a huge asset to The People’s Mosquito project and we look forward to having the opportunity of working with him as plans move forward.

Formed in December 2011, The People’s Mosquito has a simple vision: to restore a de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito to flying condition and return it to the skies. The project began life on Twitter when warbird restorer and aviation fanatic John Lilley tweeted about his longstanding idea of getting a Mosquito flying in the UK again.

The individuals behind the People’s Mosquito project all have one thing in common – a passion for aircraft. They are united by a love of aviation history and a desire to see one of the Second World War’s most distinguished aircraft fly again.


Notes to Editors

Artist’s visualization of restored RL249 available for publication.

Project Lead John Lilley is available for interview/comment. He is, however, currently working in China and therefore an interview would be best done via Skype or Google+. Please contact Nick Horrox who will arrange this with John if required.

Contact: Nick Horrox, The People’s Mosquito PR

Mobile: 07966 482770



The Press Release is available in PDF format here.

9 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE – Vulcan XH558 and Former BBMF Pilot Joins The People’s Mosquito Team”

  1. john sprentall

    My father Maurice sprentall served in the RAF during the 2nd WW as an airframe fitter I know he worked on mosquitoes he is 93 this November and still relatively fit I know he will be very interested in this project If anyone who is working on the project needs any information I am sure he would share his knowledge, drop me a email with a phone number and a short message and I will get him to contact you.

  2. D Day is tomorrow 29/9 when the Mosquito Flies again over the Ardmore Airfield in New Zealand.
    It all started In a Half round barn in South Auckland New Zealand when Glynn Powell and a team of very skilled craftsmen have been working on the first and now their second Mosquito. many 1000’s of man hours have gone into these airframes the first one has been worked on at Avspec’s for the past five or so years and she has been test flown over the South Auckland Country side these past days but the official flight is on Saturday with all the fanfare that is due for such a large undertaking. Glynn started this project thinking it would be only a few years to build one!
    Now some twenty odd yeas along he says he must have been mad! I think he should be congratulated on his craftsmanship and determination to see his work come to fruition and be proud to be such a great part of the history of the Mosquito revival. Fingers crossed for fine weather we will See the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Tiger Moth, Harvard’s and a load of other fantastic old aeroplanes which have been lovingly restored to their former glory

  3. Great news guys. When working in the UK I spent many enjoyable times at the Mosquito museum. One of my early flying instructors was a mosquito intruder pilot. Id love to see a mosquito flying either here in NZ or in the UK

  4. Very interested in this as the Mosquito is my favourite aircraft. Keen to help as now retired. Would love more details. Are you planning to utilise the facility in NZ for new build fuselage and wings? If so, where do you stand in the priority order for delivery? I was in NZ last month and saw the first new Mosquito being fitted out. Do you plan to go for Lottery funding? Perhaps one of the Burmese Spitfires could be auctioned off for funds, if they ever surface and the owners were amenable?

    1. Yes we will be using the New Zealand expertise, the engineering plans are being worked on now. We are looking at many ways to raise the necessary funds although I’m not sure we can count on the Burmese Spitfires.

  5. Geoff Goldsmith.

    What an interesting vision to rebuild such a famous aircraft. It is something that would be wonderful to be involved with.
    Unfortunately Australia is so far away I guess that’s not possible.
    I wish you all the very best in your endeavors.
    Geoff Goldsmith.

    1. Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment. Perhaps Oz is a bit far off to be physically involved, but please don’t let that stop you supporting us in any other way. Just knowing we have people’s support is great! Thanks again.

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