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The People’s Mosquito has a simple vision: to see the return to the UK skies of the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito. During the Second World War many aircraft were funded by the people: companies, towns, villages and organisations. We would like to repeat that model by asking the people of the United Kingdom to help us restore to airworthy condition this magnificent flying memorial that captures the spirit, the pride, the design brilliance and above all the bravery of our country.

The first stage of this vision is to gauge your reaction. Do you ‘the People’ want this to happen? If you do then tell us by contacting us via Twitter @peoplesmosquito or on Facebook or Google+, or by leaving a comment on the site.   Our number one goal, once the project is completed, as during the war, is to hand the aircraft over to the RAF, in this case the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, to operate. (Please note: at this time no official agreement has been made between the two organisations.) If this, for whatever reason, cannot be achieved The People’s Mosquito will run as a charitable organisation providing many hours of flying displays every year for the people of the United Kingdom.
Yes we are brand new, yes we are doing this very differently, with a heavy reliance on online social networking. As yet we have no money, we have nothing tangible…. But did this stop the people in 1940 when Britain stood alone? The People’s Mosquito team has come together in the traditionally British way of attempting to achieve something from nothing. We have a plan, we have a purpose and we are gathering momentum with every passing day, and with your help a Mosquito will fly again.

17 thoughts on “A Vision…”

  1. Ian Lewington

    The skies over Britain have been at a loss without the sight of this iconic and beautiful aircraft

  2. omg i saw a mosquito when i was a kid at an airshow… i was very young but to see one flying in the skys over the midlands where rolls royce is would be absolutely brilliant and an honour to all those who flew in them during and after the war

  3. The very best of luck for your worthy venture. For your information, check out the article I have written on Glyn Powell in the February/March issue of Aeroplane Magazine. Glyn has now built two complete Mosquito airframes to original specs in New Zealand and is keen to build one for the UK. The article will answer many questions seen on recent forums and confirms that with a new wooden airframe built in NZ, any suitable donor Mosquito can be restored to airworthy condition.

  4. This is an immensely important part of the British National Aircraft Heritage. This aeroplane revolutionaised flying in its heyday. Let us do everything we can to get one back in the air over the UK and Europe.

    Spead the word. The Mosquito is coming…….

  5. A wonderful project. I saw the last flying De Havilland Mosquito at an airshow at White Waltham in 1976 – a fabulous sight and sound. As I lived next to the airfield I was able to see it before and after the airshow. Surely the stuff of legends.

  6. A superb idea! If the Vulcan can return to the skies then why not a Mossie? Best wishes for what will be an epic project!

  7. Great idea… what a joy it would be to see one of these great British planes flying again & doing the Summer Air-shows. I would be happy to help fund raise?

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