‘Mosquito Intruders – Target Burma’ uses diaries, first-hand accounts, and official records to take the reader through the Mosquito Intruders’ three-year campaign to help force the Japanese out of Burma, living and dying with the brave warriors in the five squadrons which flew the FB VI.

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The exploits of the Mosquito crews in Burma, skimming at low-level and at speed along rivers and over treetops to their targets, are the stuff of legend. Surprisingly, however, only five RAF squadrons ever flew these operations. Mosquito Intruders – Target Burma explores the achievements of these intruder squadrons, as well as the costs to the men who flew and supported them.

The first operations were flown by 27 Squadron, led by the renowned Wing Commander James Nicolson VC, the only person in RAF Fighter Command to be awarded the Victoria Cross during the Second World War. Many of the airmen, like the author’s father who flew Mossie intruder ops with both 27 and 45 Squadrons, felt that they were ‘forgotten’ by the public back home and often by their own high command. But importantly, they knew that their actions were shortening the war in the Far East.

Hardback, signed by Jeremy

Pages: 240
Illustrations: 32 mono illustrations

About Jeremy Walsh

This story of a young intruder pilot’s war is revealed by JEREMY WALSH through his father’s own words. Jeremy was commissioned as an officer in the RAF, studied aeronautical engineering at university and trained to be a pilot. Jeremy is a keen Volunteer and supporter of The People’s Mosquito.


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