Endcliffe Park commemorative flypast honours crew of B-17G Mi Amigo

  For those in and around Sheffield this Friday, specifically Endcliffe Park at 8.45am, the planned flypast on Friday 22nd February, has now been confirmed. Nearly 75 years ago, Mi Amigo was badly damaged by enemy fighters on a raid to Aalborg, Denmark. The raid was a diversionary mission, designed to confuse Luftwaffe defences as […]

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The Mosquito at 75

Mosquito at 75

This November 25th marks the 75th anniversary of the first flight of the de Havilland Mosquito. To celebrate this event and mark the anniversary, we take a brief look at how we got where we are today. The Birth of the Mosquito – the First True Multi-Role Combat Aircraft It was in the late 1930s […]

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