By gifting a donation to our Operation Overlord campaign, your recipient will have the chance to be part of the story and help return a UK-built de Havilland Mosquito to the skies above Europe.

They will receive:

  • A unique Operation Overlord pin badge.
  • A personalised Operation Overlord contributors’ certificate.



The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito enjoys legendary status. This exemplar of British aeronautical design genius is moulded around its graceful lines, its unmatched performance and unrivalled versatility. Unquestionably, the de Havilland Mosquito’s story deserves to be told.

Working with world-renowned aircraft restoration company Retrotec Ltd, we are writing the Mosquito’s next chapter. Thanks to worldwide public support, we are moving forward with the fuselage production of the iconic ‘Mossie’.

With your help, the first Mosquito to be produced in the UK in more than 70 years could be flying as early as 2027!

The collection of more than 22,300 original De Havilland technical drawings are being used to produce
computer-aided design drawings and profiles to assist in the upcoming work, the materials are on hand and the skilled craftsmen are ready to go – all that is needed now is the money to make the next part a reality.

Our target for Operation Overlord is £600,000 by April 2025

To help us to complete this historic undertaking, we’re offering you the chance to add your name to the Mosquito story. In a nod to the significant contribution the Mosquito made to D-Day preparations and in this 80th anniversary year we’re calling our campaign… Operation Overlord.

With an Operation Overlord Donation Gift, you will be making a real contribution on behalf of the lucky recipient to the thrilling sight and sound of this magnificent and historically important aircraft as it once again takes to the skies. Operation Overlord is an opportunity that no one should miss.


You can read more about the project HERE


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