Pathfinders were an elite force in Bomber Command in World War Two. The majority of the men selected were highly experienced and honed their operational skills to fight in the bomber offensive. The Pathfinders went in first and ‘marked-up’ the target area for the main attacking force to concentrate and bomb the target for tonight. This book though tells us the story of a young Pathfinder not experienced nor battle-hardened but was selected for N0.128 Squadron flying the Canadian built Mosquito MK.XX.

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When Don Bennett formed the Pathfinder squadrons in 1942, the majority of the chosen pilots were highly experienced aircrew who had learned their skills in the opening years of World War Two. Some, however, were exceptions and found themselves flying with this elite band with no previous combat experience. ‘Bertie’ Boulter was one such pilot. He was born in Saskatchewan, on 15 April 1923, the son of British emigrants. When his father died in 1938 the family returned to their native home in Norwich. On 3 January 1942 ‘Bertie’ was accepted for pilot training with the RAF and found himself back in Canada learning to fly. Upon his return to England, and with ‘exceptional’ describing his flying abilities, he was posted to No 11 Radio School at Hooton Park as a staff pilot flying Avro Ansons and the lugubrious Botha, in which wireless operators were learning their trade. After a short spell at No. 12 Advanced Flying Unit, he was posted to No 128 Pathfinder Squadron in October 1944, based at Wyton and flying the legendary de Havilland Mosquito XX.



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