In a respectful nod to the Mosquito’s and Crews of 618 Squadron, Sir Barnes Wallis and, with thanks once again to our wonderful friends at Warbird Coffee Co., we are delighted to offer our Highball Coffee.

A full flavoured, medium roast made with Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah beans for a characterful cup with a hint of chocolate. We just know you’ll love it!

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If you like coffee then you’ll love this! Highball Coffee is every bit as smooth as its spherical namesake. Packed with flavour and character, our exclusive medium roast is made with Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah beans producing hugely satisfying chocolate notes, perfect for drinking at any time of the day. Highball Coffee is very special indeed.

Origin: Ethiopia
Roast: Medium
Strength: 3

Need a different grind?

You can order Filter, Espresso, Aeropress Course and Aeropress Fine, as well as larger bags, direct from the Warbird Coffee Co.

The Warbird Coffee Company

The Warbird Coffee Company has a clear objective. That is, to give back to those who work so hard preserving our aviation heritage from The Second World War. These aircraft are unique reminders of a time when young men and women would place themselves at the mercy of the enemy and all too often made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

The Warbird Coffee Company acknowledges the countless hours that go into maintaining the aircraft in an airworthy condition and we do this through partnerships with the owners and operators. Every time a partnered product is purchased from The Warbird Coffee Company, you will be directly contributing to that aircraft’s upkeep and running costs or helping fund the restoration of it. In doing so it is hoped we can all continue to enjoy these magnificent Warbirds for generations to come.

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