We have teamed up with a small consortium of funders who wish to make a significant impact to our Operation Husky fundraising total.

Traditionally, as the Air Show season ends and winter approaches, our donation streams go quieter – just as we need to invest in additional supplies and labour to press ahead with the build for 2024. With Operation Husky already falling slightly behind track, our funders have committed significant donations on a fund-match basis, which will see every single donation made in November doubled to their funding level – or a percentage of – depending on how much is raised from other sources.

This offer makes every £10 donated worth £20, every £50 worth £100 and so on, right up to the ceiling of their funds.

After this, any additional will simply be added to our funds and we will track its progress in our weekly newsletters. Already we have had other donors asking to pledge and will monitor this situation if we begin to reach the upper levels of double funding during the campaign. This might release additional funds.
Anyone wishing to pledge £500 or more for future consideration may use the PLEDGE OFFER FORM here.

This DOUBLE DONATION CAMPAIGN will last throughout November and will only be capped by their present commitment which stands at a healthy £31,500 – meaning we have the potential to double that to £63,000! This would be a fantastic boost over winter and really put our plans for 2024 on a great footing.

To take part in DOUBLE DONATION MONTH – simply make a donation of your choice using the form below which will allow us to accurately track progress and the funding match potential. Keep watching our Friday newsletters which will give updates and also give a grand total at the end of the month.

Thank you for anything you can give. All donations will be added to our Operation Husky campaign running through to the end of the financial year.

*FUNDING MATCH – the funding level is limited to present seed funding by our consortium of donors. This may alter or increase and will be notified in our newsletters as the campaign progresses. There is presently a good target of £31,500 to aim for!

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