Week 3

We are collecting votes for a selection of 16 stunning Mosquito colour schemes over four separate weekly polls, with a final from the heat winners taking place on this website in June.

Cast your vote for your favourite from these four designs, then return each week to see the latest selection available for judging.

If you are late to the voting, don’t worry, you can go back through the weeks to cast your vote in the individual heats until we close voting on 30th May.

Option A – Mosquito B Mk.IV DK333 109 Sqn RAF

Option B – Mosquito FB Mk.VI RF823 Czechoslovakian Air Force

Option C – Mosquito FB Mk.VI RS625 143 Sqn RAF

Option D – Mosquito PR Mk.XVI MM357 SEAC Theatre

Which of these is your favourite paint scheme?..

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