The Final

After four weekly rounds of voting across 16 designs, the public vote has now whittled down the final four that we are placing in a poll to decide the overall ‘most popular’ colour scheme – the one we can rightly call ‘The Winner!’

Here are the finalists:

From Week 1 – Option B – 50.83% of the vote
FB Mk.VI LR308 23 Sqn RAF

From Week 2 – Option B – 46.50% of the vote
FB Mk.VI NS843 464 Sqn RAAF

From Week 3 – Option A – 32.41% of the vote
B Mk.IV DK333 109 Sqn RAF

From Week 4 – Option D – 34.67% of the vote
Winning by just 5 votes!
Mosquito NF Mk.II (Intruder) DD712 23 sqn RAF

Which of these is your favourite paint scheme?..

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