Budget and Build Plan

Delivering a UK-built Mosquito

As we recently announced (in March 2018), analysis of a wealth of original de Havilland technical data has enabled the project to take the momentous decision to rebuild our Mosquito FB.VI in the UK.

After careful consideration, in early 2018 the board approached Guy Black, Director of Retrotec Ltd – one of the world’s most widely respected heritage aviation restorers in the world – to discuss our plans. Retrotec’s proven track record of restoring wooden airframes is complemented by the fact they are fully certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority – smoothing the way to eventual airworthiness acceptance.

Thanks to Guy and his team’s exceptional skills and our technical data, we expect the vast majority of work to be completed in the UK, providing our supporters – both individuals and companies – with the chance to see, smell and even touch the aircraft as she takes shape.

As this project relies heavily on donations, both small and large, the timescales to bring RL249 need to be updated regularly. For the latest updates on fundraising, be sure to sign up for our newsletter – The Buzz (available via the TPM homepage).


Milestones Achieved

  • Purchase identity of aircraft (RL249)
  • Obtained ‘Registered Charity’ status by UK Charities Commission and Board of Trustee’s in place
  • Construction of the wing ribs completed & purchased
  • CAA registration G-FBVI approved & acquired
  • CAA appointed liaison officer /engineer updated quarterly and on-going
  • Engineering consultant expertise secured
  • TPM Club launched for membership to exclusive content, events and discounts
  • Established trading arm to support fundraising
  • Analysis of 20,200 of 22,300 original de Havilland drawings now complete
  • Appointment of UK-based restoration partner to deliver the aircraft build – Retrotec
  • Secured full membership of Aviation Heritage UK
  • Secured the world’s only set of Mosquito wing jigs – as used on previous Avspecs builds


  • Launch of ‘Fuselage Fund’ – break down circa £600K cost into phases.
  • Announcement of a donation of historical aviation importance and one that supports engineering & fundraising
  • Phase One – ‘Fuselage Deposit’ fundraising launched and deposit secured to begin work
  • Obtain corporate sponsorship
  • Launch Free Prize Draw Appeal


  • Phase Two – ‘Fuselage Stage One’ completion of bonding both moulds into one fuselage section
  • Phase Three – ‘Fuselage Stage Two’ application of linen doped skin & protective primer
  • Launch of ‘Wing Appeal’ into 2 phases
  • Phase One – ‘Wing Deposit’ launched and monies secured to begin work on spar sections
  • Phase Two – ‘Wing Completion’ plus application of linen doped skin & protective primer


  • Launch of Engines & Propulsion Systems Fund – this section of fundraising will also detail out how we will hold an ‘RFI/RFP’ process in collaboration with Retrotec, to place this work with UK suppliers and deliver best value for our supporters
  • Flying Control Systems, Hydraulics, Radiators Appeal – as with the engine engine & props we will issue an RFI/RFP for these key sections


  • Launch of ‘Fit Out Fund’ – to complete installation of flying control systems/hydraulics/coolant/fuel tanks/engines
  • Complete UK test flying to CAA Permit to Fly status under registration of G-FBVI
  • Appoint UK supplier for care & maintenance of RL249
  • Private members day to thank all our supporters
  • Announce first public appearance of the aircraft
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