A rare opportunity to add your name to Mosquito history

Mould A, with complete hardwood infill and test strapping.

As work continues on returning a de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito to UK skies for the first time in a quarter of a century, The People’s Mosquito is offering supporters the opportunity to add their name to the story of the Wooden Wonder.  

Through the charity’s restoration partners, Sussex-based Retrotec Ltd, rapid progress has been made towards the completion of the first de Havilland Mosquito fuselage moulds to be built in the UK for more than 70 years.

Completion of the moulds paves the way for work to start on RL249’s airframe later this year (c) David G Schultz

Reward packages to suit all budgets

With the exciting launch of this fundraising initiative, The People’s Mosquito is offering five levels of exclusive rewards for supporters, ranging in value from as little as £25 up to £5,000. Each level of support offers its own unique rewards package, including from as little as £100 the opportunity to add your name – or that of a loved one – permanently to the mould itself. In doing so, supporters can physically add their name to the story of one of the most famous and versatile aircraft to emerge from the dark days of World War Two.

For those warbird and Mosquito enthusiasts able to do so, higher reward levels, starting at Gold level and £500, offer backers the chance to enjoy a visit to Retrotec’s facility and witness history coming alive as Mosquito FB.VI RL249 takes shape.

Exclusive rewards and unmatched access

Elite Diamond and Platinum packages will see donors receive a VIP invitation to Retrotec to tour the facility, meet the team and personally sign their own mould infill, as work draws to its completion. And that’s not all. Diamond or Platinum backers will have the opportunity to join The People’s Mosquito and invited guests to witness the first public flight of a de Havilland Mosquito in the UK for well over 25 years, as well as receive a guided tour around the aircraft. Subject to all necessary and relevant permits, permissions and insurances to enable the carriage of fare-paying passengers, Platinum supporters will also gain priority access to a flight in The People’s Mosquito.

“As the country faces is toughest battle since the end of World War Two, efforts to return a Mossie to UK skies continue to gather pace, backed by British industry and public donations from all over the world,” said John Lilley, Managing Director of The People’s Mosquito. “During times of adversity, incredible stories often emerge – the Mosquito being one such example from our history. We’re incredibly excited to be writing the next chapter in that story. The drive towards returning RL249 to flight serves as a reminder, if one was needed, of what we can achieve when we come together.”

Breaking down barriers

The aim of the campaign is to fully fund the completion of all 22 infills that constitute the pair of 11m-long fuselage moulds. The campaign target is to reach £250,000 by the end of summer 2020. Each complete mould will be used as the former over which the Mosquito’s unique composite wooden construction, featuring Canadian spruce, birch and balsa wood, is bound, glued and cured. The result is the lightweight, extremely strong airframe that underpinned the Mosquito’s famed war-winning performance.

Mark Postlethwaite’s stunning artwork depicts Group Captain Pickard’s final moments on the famous Amiens raid.

The campaign, named Operation Jericho 2020 in honour of the famous February 1944 raid on Amiens prison, in which low level Mosquitoes breached the jailhouse walls to free French resistance fighters, aims to break down the final funding barrier for completion of the moulds.

You can support the campaign at www.peoplesmosquito.org.uk/campaigns.

5 thoughts on “A rare opportunity to add your name to Mosquito history”

  1. Peter Turgoose

    I am 87 years of age and have some information on the construction of the wonderful Mosquito that I have never heard repeated on the programmes on T.V. or read.
    In the mid 1960’s I ran a very successful racing dinghy construction company called Weather Mark Dinghies. The key to our numerous race winning dinghies was that we were able to build them to the minimum weight allowed by the Class Rules, by using Marine grade plywood manufactured to our Spec. by the RELIABLE PLYWOOD CO. of East London.
    Although I have forgotten the name of the Owner I can clearly remember him telling me that the press they made my plywood on was used in the war to make plywood for the Mosquito and he thought it was really ironic that the press had been imported from Germany just before the outbreak of war.

  2. Will you accept a cheque for £10 or maybe £15 towards the building of a Mosquito from an OAP.. I was in the ATC a long time ago and was going to volunteer for the RAF but unfortunatley I got TB on my lungs and so that scotched that for my plans . I use to make models some to fly a a lad and have been to some air shows, up in a single engined aeroplanes, last one some years ago from Netherthorpe, over Sheffield

  3. Even as a child I loved aeroplanes, later made many flying models , my favourite for me was always the Lancaster bomber and the Mosquito. I have as many lovers of aeroplanes do DVDs on them. OH how I would love to go up in one……. even at 83 yrs old. I would like to give a few pounds to help us have a mosqito again as Canada does, even a few pounds from a hunddred thousand will go a long way.

  4. Bill Clegg. new member.

    Tremendous applause to the Peoples Mosquito Team and all at Retrotec for the amazing news of the Fuselage moulds and all future projects associated in producing a Mosquito Airframe for the first time in more than 70 years .

    1. People's Mosquito

      Many thanks for the wonderful message of support Bill! It’s always appreciated. Most importantly, thanks for backing the project by joining – welcome to the Club!

      As ever, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll try to help.
      The TPM Team.

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