Another important milestone reached as fuselage mould takes shape

This illustrative sketch of gives a good idea of how the fuselage mould will take shape.


The People’s Mosquito has reached another important project milestone with confirmation by Retrotec that the engineering design team has completed CAD modelling of the new Mosquito fuselage mould. This essential stepping stone in the journey towards a UK restoration of RL249 is fundamental to enabling a new airframe to be constructed under UK CAA oversight.

Based on original de Havilland drawings, the CAD profile for the mould is now complete, as is the base board and the design of the supporting frame. Construction of the first of the two mould halves, each approximately 11m-long, is scheduled to be begin shortly.

How you can help

Watch this space! In the next couple of weeks we will be launching a dedicated fundraising campaign to help meet the costs of building the two fuselage moulds.

The final production schedule will be determined by how quickly we can raise the remainder of the funds needed to complete fabrication. With that in mind, The People’s Mosquito would like to invite prospective corporate partners, in particular those involved in the timber trade, to contact the project team to find out more about how they can support this unique and globally-important project.

Any prospective partners interested in exploring the many benefits of partnering with The People’s Mosquito and celebrating British engineering excellence, are invited to contact the project team via:

Re-making history

The mould currently being designed and constructed by Retrotec will be the first new Mosquito fuselage mould constructed in the UK in close to 70 years. Currently, the only other Mosquito mould in existence is that built over many years by the inspirational Glyn Powell in New Zealand. Here in the UK, the original mahogany and concrete moulds used for wartime and post-war production were broken up and scrapped in the 1950s.

3 thoughts on “Another important milestone reached as fuselage mould takes shape”

  1. James R Taylor

    I live mossie can’t wait see her fly I was wondering though when completed where will she fly from where will she call home

  2. Richard Davies

    I had the very good fortune to see the Broughton mossie flying over the Airbus factory site and was able to position myself at the foot of the runway to watch it land back in the 1980’s. I had even greater good fortune to be invited into the cockpit of the Cosford museum mossie, while it was undergoing some restoration work, again in the 1980’s. i had no idea that a completely new airframe was under construction until today, when i stumbled on a news feature on my BBC News app relating the discovery of the mossie construction plans at Airbus. I would like to add my congratulations to those already sent to the team building RL 249.

  3. Roderick Pesch

    I am delighted to see this initiative take shape. I would say that to have an airworthy and flying Mosquito in Britain is long overdue. I congratulate the team for getting this underway and I look forward to seeing RL 249 take to the skies.

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