The People’s Mosquito contracts with Retrotec Ltd to build its Mosquito FB VI, RL249

The People’s Mosquito Ltd, a UK aviation restoration charity established to return a de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito FB.VI to UK skies is delighted to announce that they have contracted with Retrotec Ltd, one of the world’s premier aircraft restoration providers, to build and test to final airworthiness acceptance, this versatile World War II aircraft.

FHACM’s T.III TV959, during a night ground run in December 2017. (c) Dave Whittingham

The agreement will see Retrotec’s engineers given full access to The People’s Mosquito’s unique collection of more than 22,300 original de Havilland technical drawings to assist their work. The announcement means the British-designed and built aircraft can be built in the UK, harnessing Retrotec’s unrivalled restoration expertise, complemented by experienced engineering consultants from New Zealand.

Under the expert guidance of Guy Black, Retrotec has established a reputation for delivering some of the most authentic aircraft restorations in the world over the past 30+ years. The business, which is fully accredited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, offers services including design, parts manufacture and reconstruction of complete aircraft, all delivered by highly experienced engineers.

The company’s impeccable engineering standards and commitment to excellence have already delivered several iconic restorations to UK skies and the team’s experience in working with wooden airframes is second to none. Retrotec’s recent restoration highlights include a Sopwith Pup, Hawker Fury and two Hawker Nimrods, all currently on display at Imperial war Museum, Duxford, as are the stunning restorations of two 1918 de Havilland DH9 bombers.

Guy said: “I am delighted that Retrotec Ltd. has been chosen to carry out this exciting challenge and I wish TPM the very best of luck in raising the necessary funds to enable this to happen.”

“From the outset, Retrotec was top of our list,” explained John Lilley, Managing Director of The People’s Mosquito. “We share a passion for returning a de Havilland Mosquito to UK skies, but we also want to celebrate and raise awareness of what an outstanding example of British aeronautical design this aircraft was; an aircraft that was built by small enterprises up and down the country. What better way to celebrate that unique heritage than to showcase British engineering at its best today.”


Retrotec’s beautifully restored de Havilland DH9 (c) Historic Aircraft Collection.

24 thoughts on “The People’s Mosquito contracts with Retrotec Ltd to build its Mosquito FB VI, RL249”

  1. My father was a navigator in the Mosquito with the glass nose(Mk 5?)I have never seen or heard one fly.Will it be powered by Merlin engines-he used to say they sounded beautiful.”It was a nice kite” was as much as would say in the rather RAF understated way.Good luck on a marvellous project

  2. Peter Berriman

    During my National Service, my room mate was a Mossie pilot, so I got many opportunities to fly with him and others. In a T 3 I enjoyed aerobatics , it almost as fast as early Spitfires.

  3. To me the Mosquito was one of the best aircraft produced in WW2. I used to live not far from Salisbury Hall so have a great affection for this aircraft. It would be fantastic to see one flying again.

  4. It would be good to have a photograph of the Retrotech DH9 on the TPM show stands for this 2018 display season. It would demonstrate the link between the Mosquito and an earlier very successful de Havilland bomber design. Also it would show case the expertise of our main contractor.

    Roger Coasby
    Life time Member

  5. Will the TPM have drop tanks or other optons on the wing depending on which mark it is representing at the time? Plus is the’re a decision on the first colour scheme and markings?

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi Chris,

      The simple answer is yes, ultimately that’s certainly the plan. As budgets allow, we intend to reflect various marks of Mosquito, some of which would only require modest changes to the airframe. RL249 should be flying for several decades once airworthy, so we’ll have time to pay homage to Sir Geoffrey’s seminal design and many of the men and women involved in the Mossie’s operations.

      As far as launch colour scheme and squadron markings are concerned, that is likely to be subject to either a competition or poll involving our supporters – she’s The People’s Mosquito after all!

  6. Are Retrotec going to build new fuselage moulds in the UK for RL249’s new fuselage and wings or are the People’s Mosquito importing unfinished fuselage and wings from established suppliers in NZ, which are going to be finished, assembled, plumbed, wired and completed with a combination of new and salvaged components. Just a little confused between earlier and current announcements as to the breakdown of various contracts. Completely support the project regardless of how the project is achieved. “Dreamers achieve the impossible – Miracles can take a little longer”.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your continued support and enquiry. I’m sure you can understand that the situation has been rather fluid since we announced our UK build plan.

      In answer to your question however, Retrotec is keen, as are we, to deliver the complete build in the UK. I’m not in a position to say any more at this time, but watch out for more details in the coming days.

      Best wishes,
      Stewart Charman
      Director of Communications

  7. Jerry Collier

    Well done, TPM Board.
    Since the beginning of 2018 you have taken the hard decisions in the face of unwelcome opposition, set a new course with the intent to build and test in UK, and committed to one of the best manufacturers of wooden airframes.

    With all this good news in such a short time your club members can really believe that The People’s Mosquito will take to the skies.
    Congratulations from the 79th Entry, RAF Halton Apprentices (Trenchard’s Brats).

    1. People's Mosquito

      Many thanks Jerry,

      We’ve been delighted by the response to our 2018 news and the UK-build plan. Now the fundraising ramps up considerably as we work towards realising our shared dream and together, getting RL249 built.

      Thanks for the loyal and continuing support guys!
      The TPM Team

  8. Daniel davies

    This is a very emotional moment for me. Some news i have been waiting to hear for a very long time. All the best and i dedicate one day on the taxis a week to raise funds. Together we can easily raise what is needed . Here begins a fantastic story. God bless all involved .

    1. People's Mosquito

      Wow Daniel, that kind of support is most humbling. A few hundred supporters like you and we’ll have her flying in no time!

      If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your connection with the Mossie out of interest? It sounds quite personal and we would dearly like to know more.


  9. Basil Fairston

    If they are building the airframe from scratch then this is more like a composite structure with plywood skins sandwiching a balsa core. I don’t know if the originals were vacuum baged or clamped into moulds but it is certainly noting like building a Hurricane or Spitfire.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Yes Basil, the method of fabrication was quite unique to the Mosquito and required moulds for the fuselage, over which the ply, balsa, ply composite was built up, glued and clamped in place.

  10. Melvin Holland

    Credit to you for getting the contract what a show pice this will make at all airshows to see the wooden wonder back in the air where she belongs

    1. People's Mosquito

      Getting Retrotec involved sealed the UK-build Melvin. Guy Black is just as passionate about our FB.VI as the rest of us.

  11. Excellent news, but may i ask two questions?
    1 – Is all the finance in place, and what is the profit margin for the contractor?
    2 – What timescale are we looking at until first test flight?

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi Pete,

      Think I got back to you on Facebook, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either via the website or email me at and i’ll endeavour to get you answers if I can’t provide them myself.


    2. Although I have never worked in the aircraft industry,the Mosquito is very close to my heart.I live in Hertfordshire,and the film,633 Squadron was made at my local airfield,Bovingdon.The first Mossie was built at ST Albans,and then when on to be made at Hatfield and Leavesden.Then,after visiting East Kirkby airfield for over 20 years,i helped Tony Agar to move his Mosquito from Elvington to East Kirkby.

  12. This can only be good; To my mind the Mosquito was the best aircraft in WW2 and to not have a flying example in the country of it’s design is so sad. We are so looking forward to seeing this masterful aircraft in our skies again, roll on the day.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Many thanks for the support Alan – now we can build her in the UK, we’re focused on fundraising.

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