Speculation on RL249’s future home

Speculation on RL249 and its future home
Speculation is understandable and reflects growing interest in TPM and the enduring popularity of the Mosquito.

Where will The People’s Mosquito be based?

It’s a question that frequently arises on and offline – from both our supporters and the wider aviation community – where will The People’s Mosquito be based when she’s operational?

The board has, in fact, been discussing widespread online speculation on the topic this week. In light of recent high profile media interest and the incredible boost in public awareness this has given to our project, speculation has naturally grown … we therefore wanted to bring everyone up to date on this important topic.

Over the past 12 months TPM has been overwhelmed by the offers of support and interest from established heritage aviation associations and operators. At this stage, discussions remain informal, but The People’s Mosquito will be continuing those discussions as the project progresses.

Our Director of Operations, Bill Ramsey, together with our Director of Engineering, Ross Sharp, continue to develop detailed plans for our future operational requirements. Principal among these will be a minimum runway length of 6,000ft to ensure a sufficient safety margin and a home base that enables us to reach as many events as possible with the minimal transit time.

A Mossie will burn in the region of 90 gallons per hour in cruise, and considerably more in display mode, so in the interests of our supporters we want to reach as many people as possible as efficiently as possible.

What’s more, our DH.98 Mosquito FB.VI will be The People’s Mosquito, which will mean we want members of the public to come and see us – the site must therefore provide controlled public access.

Naturally, our focus at the current time is on securing the necessary funding to build RL249 and return her to flight. As the project progresses and we begin to close in on final assembly, discussions around TPM’s future home will rapidly advance. At that point, we will be keeping all our supporters regularly updated on our plans and reasoning behind any shortlist/final decision.

In the meantime, any coverage you read on our future home will be speculation. No decision will have been made.

As always, the board remain accessible to you all and you can contact the project with any questions at any time as we work towards funding our fuselage build – further updates about which will follow soon.

The TPM team.

12 thoughts on “Speculation on RL249’s future home”

  1. last time i saw one fly was at stoughton air show (leicestershire) many years ago long over due and deserves to be in the skies again over uk , surely based in middle of uk would be ideal if possible as more central for all to visit just an idea ………… great work keep it up ……. and join by becoming a member.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, the memory of seeing those graceful lines, distinctive wing and twin Merlins purring lasts a lifetime doesn’t it? Thanks for the support and encouragement – always appreciated!

      We’re parking discussions on our aircraft’s future base for the foreseeable future, as we need an aircraft first, so naturally all our efforts are focused on that – raising awareness and funds towards the project. At the point where we begin to think about final fit out and latter stages of the build, then we’ll reveal more about our future home. However, public access will remain a key consideration. The decision to name ourselves The People’s Mosquito, although derided by some, was taken for a very specific reason. It will be with the People’s support that we get her build, and the people will be able to see her rather than keeping our FB.VI locked up in a private collection.

      The TPM Team

  2. I have just been reading your very interesting Web info. All I can say is, Fantastic! It will indeed be great to see a late mossie flying, a rare bird indeed. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  3. Elliot teasdale

    How meny years left for her to be fit and ready for the airshow season ashame she won’t be ready in time for the RAF centenary next year but anyways good luck

  4. People's Mosquito

    The most heart warming thing about the speculation, and this mini debate on the website, is that it clearly demonstrates the heartfelt affection out there for our project and the widespread desire to see a DH.98 Mosquito entertaining UK airshow crowds again.

    Thanks for your input gents – all duly noted. Our focus for the foreseeable future will naturally be 100% focused on delivering a Mosquito in the first place and only when that goal is within touching distance will we begin to seriously to narrow down our search for a UK home.

    In the meantime, thanks for the support and encouragement! Keep spreading the word to anyone who will listen and keep an eye open for latest updates from the TPM team.

  5. Hi I would think Duxford would be the ideal place to house a mosquito It is where we all go to see WW2 aeroplanes, It is close enough to interest and get support from London and accessible from the North and not too far from where the mossie was born at Salisbury hall

  6. How about Chester as that was where the last flying Mosquito was based and about midway in the UK.
    So a good place to fly to most parts in the country.
    How I miss the sight and sound of her πŸ™

  7. Since you are always present at East Kirkby, and they have recently taken delivery of Elvingtons Mosquito HJ711 with plans to get it into a taxiable state, would a collaboration with them be in order ? I’m sure it’s been thought of, but it makes sense to me. They certainly have the access and facilities.
    Best wishes and good luck with whatever happens.

    1. People's Mosquito

      Thanks Peter,

      We are fortunate to enjoy a very close working relationship with LAHC at East Kirkby, as well as Tony and Elaine who are doing such an incredible job on HJ711. It’s certainly one of the options being considered!

      Thanks for the best wishes and keep watching for further updates.

      The TPM Team

  8. I fully appreciate the requirements for your future ‘home-base’, but seeing as most large airfields are far north of London, it would be wonderful to try and keep it as ‘south’ as possible for us Southerners πŸ˜‰

    1. People's Mosquito

      Hi Bo,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Rest assured there are a number of suitable locations on the ground radar as well and at this stage all options are being considered. One of our considerations will be transit time to air displays and a heat map analysis of UK air shows reveals a centre of gravity with a slight southern bias. In other words, rest assured you’ll get to see her πŸ˜‰
      The TPM Team.

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