THANK YOU – Wing Ribs Fundraising Target Achieved.

A big thank you to everyone who donated to the Wing Rib Appeal and helped achieve the £50k target. The wing ribs have now been cut and made by Aerowood Ltd of New Zealand and purchased by TPM.

At the launch of the appeal donors were entered in the TPM Grand Launch Draw, with a chance to win an exclusive key-ring, cut from the same Canadian spruce being used for the wing ribs. The key ring (pictured here) is embossed with the logo of Aerowood and TPM. The first 50 names have now been drawn and the winners will be contacted in due course.


A full list of draw entries and the winners is available upon request.

6 thoughts on “THANK YOU – Wing Ribs Fundraising Target Achieved.”

  1. my Grandfather worked at Wearing and Gillows in Lancaster and made mosquito wings during ww2. and I believe the firm used excess wing ribs to make an internal roof in one of the buildings and that they are still there

        1. just found a video of Lancaster that shows the wing ribs 3:09 only a very quick view but a recent image

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