Mosquito TV959 Engine Testing


Our good friends AVSPECS in New Zealand have recently starting engine & taxi runs with Mosquito T.III TV959. As we share this youtube clip she may be close to first post restoration flight! You will observe she is carrying a NZ CAA code for the test flying and also an all over silver finish with squadron codes ‘YC’. This is 75 Squadron RNZAF who did operate the Mosquito post World War Two. It is our understanding once shipped to the  Flying Heritage Collection in the U.S.A. a new colour scheme will be applied. For now enjoy the music of those Merlins!

2 thoughts on “Mosquito TV959 Engine Testing”

  1. Hi there just watched the video for this magnificent aircraft may she have a long and wonderful flying career ahead great another one returns to the skies hopefully one will be seen in the skies of the uk one day soon

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