Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries No.3 – Answer

OK folks, here’s the answer to our latest Mind-boggling Mossie Mystery:

Over which country was the last RAF operational sortie by a Mosquito flown, and what was the Mark?’

Congratulations to all those who correctly answered that the last operational sortie by an RAF Mosquito was flown over Malaya by a PR34a.

On December 15th 1955 RG314,  serving with No. 81 Sqn PRU, flew a photo reconnaissance sortie from Seletar, in Singapore, over the Malayan jungle to photograph two terrorist camps.

Last sortie
PR34a RG314 returns from the last operational Mosquito sortie

The sortie was undertaken by Flying Officers A J “Collie” Knox and A B “Tommy” Thompson.

Crew and CO  RG314
FOs Knox (R) and Thompson (L) with RG314 after flying the final Mosquito sortie,
joined by their CO Wg Cdr S McCreith

The PR34a was typically equipped with five cameras – four F52 cameras, two forward and two aft of the belly tanks in its ventral bay, together with either one F24 oblique camera or a vertical K17 camera for air survey work.

Fitting camera
Ground crew fitting one of the four ventrally-mounted F52 cameras into a PR34’s ventral bay

The next mind-boggler will be published soon.

4 thoughts on “Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries No.3 – Answer”

  1. robert shillito

    Mosquito target towing squadron was transferred from RAF Stradishall to Pembrey to replace
    Tempests in 1955 I was an instrument mech. and flew in one of the Mossies down to Wales
    the pilot was a Polish sergeant from WW2. I spent a very pleasant summer there and then
    had an exchange posting to RAFWaterbeach in Cambridgeshire.
    Bob Shillito ex SAC.

  2. David Howell

    Last operational flight? Depends what you call operational. I was an ATC cadet living near RAF Pembrey in the 1950’s then hosting 233 OCU flying Vampire FB 5’s, T11’s and later Hunters. I am certain that in 1955 the Tempest V was utilised as a target tug to be later replaced by the Mosquito TT35. I am sure that the Mosquito continued with this task until 233 OCU transferred to Wittering in September1957. So is target towing defined as “operational”?

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