7 thoughts on “Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries No.3

  1. @ Roger. “Also is target towing classed as an ‘operational’ sortie?”

    I wager the target would think so!! 🙂

  2. Roger is correct, The last Operational Sortie of an RAF Mosquito was flown on December 15,1955 from RAF Seletar during Operation Firedog. Mark PR34 Mosquito, RG314, was piloted by Flying Officer Knox, with Flying Officer Thompson navigating.

  3. Stan
    As the Mosquito VP191 didn’t actually take off, can that be counted as a sortie?

    Also is target towing classed as an ‘operational’ sortie?

  4. 17-JUL-1962, over UK, a MkTT.35 for Towing Target.

    Mosquito TT.35 VP191 “54” of 3 CAACU was written off 17/7/1962 when it overshot into a hedge at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, after the pilot abandoned take off.

    According to some sources, VP191 was one of the last three DH Mosquito TT.35s to be in service with the RAF. This accident appears to have been the final write off of a DH Mosquito in RAF service, as the type were withdrawn from service shortly afterwards.

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