Poll results – Which Mosquito variant would you like to see flying in the UK?

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll, either through voting or by commenting.

We asked you to tell us which Mosquito variant you would like to see flying in the UK. The voting shows a fairly categorical result – the overwhelming vote is for the FB Mk.VI Fighter Bomber with 191 votes – that’s well over half the votes!

This result did not come as a surprise. Having read all the correspondence we have had since the poll was launched, it has been fairly clear from the start that the majority of you would overwhelmingly like to see an FB Mk.VI flying in the UK

The results are shown below – we have reordered the illustrations into popularity order showing the percentages voted for each one. Below that you will see a chart showing, quite dramatically we think, the strength of feeling for the FB Mk.VI.

(N.B. We have used the British Mark (Mk.) designations in this poll – Mosquitos built in Canada and Australia were given different designations)


1st place with 55.3% of votes – FB Mk.VI – Fighter Bomber

B.IVWhite sq

2nd place with 14.5% of votes – B Mk.IV – Bomber

9_67 Highball_ed
© Chris Davey

3rd place with 10.4% of votes – Highball Mosquito

 NF.IIWhite sq

4th place with 9.6% of votes – NF Mk.II – Night-fighter

 PR.XVIWhite sq

5th place with 8.1% of votes – PR Mk.XVI – Photo Recon


6th place with 1.7% of votes – NF Mk.36 – Night-fighter


7th place with 0.3% of votes – T Mk.III – Trainer

The results in graphical form

(click graph to enlarge)

Poll results 160913

This result will have an impact on The People’s Mosquito as we progress the project. We have listened to the public and the project will reflect this as we move forward.

More on this in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for taking part and sharing your thoughts.

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