Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries No.2 – Answer

OK folks, here’s the answer to the second in our series of Mosquito related questions entitled

Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries:

Which air force couldn’t fly their Mossies, because they couldn’t obtain any British ammunition, due to an arms embargo, then got around the problem by fitting German weapons?

Congratulations to all those who correctly answered that it was the Czechoslovak Air Force that had to replace its British armaments with German weapons, due to an arms embargo.

The Czechoslovak Air Force (Ceskoslovenske Lectectvo) was formed after WW2 with personnel returning from the UK, plus those who had served with Russian units and some who had served in the Czech Air Force pre-war. The Czech Air Force had a mixture of equipment and they acquired a batch of Mosquito FB.VI aircraft, which were used by both the 24th Bomber Regiment and the 47th Air Regiment; these were known as the B-36 in Czech service. The Communists took control of the country in 1948, and the Western Powers imposed an arms embargo. This meant that there was no more British ammunition for the FB.VI, so some aircraft had their Hispano 20mm cannon and .303 Brownings removed and replaced by German cannon armament (of which there was a large quantity still available in the country). Those aircraft so converted were known as LB-36. All Mosquito aircraft were replaced by Soviet equipment by 1950.

CZech Air Force FB6
Czech Air Force FB.VI

Watch out for the next Mind-boggling Mossie Mystery.

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