Happy New Year!

Happy New Year one and all! As many of you will be aware, The People’s Mosquito project celebrates its second birthday this week. To mark our second year and as a bit of light end-of-year trivia, here are some facts and figures from the past twelve months. Our website had 49,000 visitors in 2013 – that’s just […]

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Asymmetric Power v George Stewart's Zero Boost method

Our newest Affiliate and old friend, George E. Stewart DFC, former wartime Mosquito pilot and trainer, has generously shared with us these photographs illustrating the original asymmetric power technique that resulted in so many ground-loops and crashes on take-off, and describes the Zero Boost method he developed for making Mosquito launches safer. George writes: “These three photographs […]

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George E. Stewart DFC joins The People's Mosquito

The People’s Mosquito is delighted to announce that former Mosquito pilot George Stewart has accepted an invitation to be come a TPM Affiliate. George, a Canadian, flew 50 Ops on Mosquito with No 23 Squadron between July-November 1944 – all by the time he was 21. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for this […]

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