John Lilley – Chairman and Managing Director

John’s day job as a Project Director of the largest contract foodservice and support service business in the world means he is a specialist in getting things done and growing businesses through sound process, leadership and fostering good relationships. Above all he has the responsibility to ensure the right product and the right person are in place to get the job done. All vital attributes when applied to warbird restoration!

Currently John is tasked with supporting the building of his company’s business in China, so is based in Shanghai for much of the year. This has not stopped him from being heavily involved in The People’s Mosquito though. The project was born of the internet and social media, and the use of the iPad, the Blackberry, Skype other new communication tools has meant that John and the rest of The People’s Mosquito team have been able to keep in close touch. This has allowed them to achieve a great deal without actually meeting. You see we are different! John ensures he gets home to the UK every 8-12 weeks.

In terms of the ‘warbird’ community John has been a volunteer restorer for the IWM for ten years; working on aircraft restoration and static maintenance. In addition John had shared ownership in Fw190-A4 until the project was sold to the White 1 Foundation in the USA.

John’s involvement at IWM has given him hands-on experience with:

Short Sunderland MR.V

De Havilland Mosquito TT.35

Avro Lancaster B.X

Avro Vulcan B.1

Handley Page Victor

E.E. Canberra

Supermarine Spitfire F.24

De Havilland Sea Vixen

Hawker Sea Hawk

Fairey Gannet

Plus many others…

John does not confess to being a skilled aero engineer, a craftsman in sheet metal working or a Merlin engine specialist, but he has got his hands ‘dirty’ and can deliver a project!

To get in touch with John you can tweet him at @spitfireprxix or email him via the Contact page.

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