Operation Jericho – Mosquito Attack on Amiens Prison – 18th February 1944

This month marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Jericho, a daring low-level raid involving nineteen Mosquitos of No. 140 Wing of the RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force, to free members of the French resistance and Allied intelligence officers being held …Continue Reading

Commemorating RL249’s Fatal Crash – 14th February 1949

The remains of Mosquito NF.36 Serial No. RL249 were recovered from its crash site in 2010, and have been secured by The People’s Mosquito for use in the restoration project. RL249 was serving with No. 23 Sqn, stationed at RAF …Continue Reading

The Wartime Diary of a de Havilland Engineer – Part 4

Richard (Dick) Whittingham spent all his working life at de Havilland, starting as an apprentice in 1935 and finishing up as a senior production engineer. This is the fourth extract from Dick’s wartime diaries, adapted by his nephew Roger Coasby, …Continue Reading

Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries No.4 – Answer

OK folks, here’s the answer to our latest Mind-boggling Mossie Mystery: What connects Nell Gwyn, Winston Churchill and the Mosquito? As many of you have rightly posted, the answer is, of course, Salisbury Hall. Nell Gwyn (or Gwynn or Gwynne depending on source), Charles …Continue Reading