Poll results – Which Mosquito variant would you like to see flying in the UK?

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll, either through voting or by commenting. We asked you to tell us which Mosquito variant you would like to see flying in the UK. The voting shows a fairly categorical result – the overwhelming vote …Continue Reading

Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries No.2 – Answer

OK folks, here’s the answer to the second in our series of Mosquito related questions entitled Mind-boggling Mossie Mysteries: Which air force couldn’t fly their Mossies, because they couldn’t obtain any British ammunition, due to an arms embargo, then got around the …Continue Reading

Asymmetric Power v George Stewart's Zero Boost method

Our newest Affiliate and old friend, George E. Stewart DFC, former wartime Mosquito pilot and trainer, has generously shared with us these photographs illustrating the original asymmetric power technique that resulted in so many ground-loops and crashes on take-off, and describes the …Continue Reading